Villa Sosanna, Pollonia - Milos, Greece

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About Milos

About Milos

Located on the western side of Cyclades, Milos is a beautiful island in the middle route from Athens to Crete. It is famous all over the world for the statue of Venus, who was discovered there, now hosted in the Louvre Museum in Paris. Due to its volcanic background, Milos has a special geography with wild coastline.
The most impressive characteristic of Milos are the beaches, over 70 in number and each one different in shape. Sarakiniko with the moon-like landscape, the soft sand of Firiplaka, the blue-green water of Tsigrado and the numerous other coves give fantastic beaches to enjoy a day in the sun. Also take the boat and make the tour of the island. You will get particularly amazed by Kleftiko, the Sea Meteora as it is called, with impressive rocks in the middle of the sea.
The most tourist spots of Milos are Pollonia, a picturesque fishing village on the north eastern side of the island, and Adamas, the main port. If you have time, take the boat from Pollonia to Kimolos, a small secluded island, for a daily excursion.

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